Festival of rural cuisine

1606898_892244860803845_3635945689602308810_n“Local Action Group – Rakovski” announce the organization of a festivals of rural cuisine in the transnational cooperation project “Flavors of yesterday – valorization of culinary heritage,” which will be held on 29 August 2014. 18:00h, central square Sekirovo, Rakovski.
At the center of the square in Sekirovo  representatives of the municipality of Rakovski will be gathered, who want to show their pre-cooked culinary delights. Dishes prepared according to traditional local recipes will be evaluated and ranked, and the best of them awarded. After the award ceremony nationwide feast-tasting of all the dishes will begin.
Guests of the festival will be the team of the Austrian LAG Elsbeere Wienerwald – project partner, with a group of chefs ready to share their recipes for all attendees.
One of the attractions of the festival will be the inclusion of the heroic pan, which  attacked Guinness years ago. It is made of 78 kg. special stainless steel with a diameter of 150 cm., height 20 cm. How to use it, you will understand, if you join us at the festival of the rural cuisine. The festival will be attended by local amateurs and Orchestra “Young Thracians” which guarantee not only heroic dishes but heroic fun.

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