Conference on “The flavors of yesterday”

Following the implementation of the activities envisaged in the project “The flavours of yesterday – Valorisation of culinary heritage” a conference was held on 01/08/2014 in the Conference hall of “St. Cyril and Methodius” National Cultural Center. The conference referenced the launch of the project. The conference was attended by Giovanni Ilomei – expert on international projects, working closely with Marmila LAG, which is in the basis of the pilot project “The flavours of yesterday”. During the conference there were discussed as well the pilot project and the objectives, activities and expected results of the current project “The flavours of yesterday – Valorisation of culinary heritage”. There were also allocated the roles of local stakeholders who wish to participate in the implementation of the project.

DSC03853 DSC03832 DSC03831 DSC03829

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