Three day training in LAG for members of the network “Flavors of yesterday”

In the period March 26-28 2015 in Rakovski in the room of National cultural club “St. Cyril and Methodius-Rakovski-1908″ LAG-Rakovski held a three-day training for members of the network “Flavors of yesterday” in the framework of project “Flavors of yesterday – Valorisation of cultural heritage ” under measure 421 “National and transnational cooperation”, contract number RD 50-75 / 07.05.2014
The training is based on the Quality Regulation developed under the project:
- general prospects for the rural tourism sector; analysis of the supply of services in the area and demand for rural tourism – profile of supply, consumer expectations, tradition and modernity offered activities; segmentation; use of the opportunities and improving communications penetration;
- rules to manage a restaurant;
- recommendations for atmosphere, food, emotional and rational satisfaction at a traditional restaurant;
- culinary tourism – characteristics and potential;
- recipes that can be offered in restaurants in Rakovski;
- general guideleines on keeping conditions meet the sanitation requirements; production of canned food; product labeling; freezing of products; storage products; recreational activities in the traditional restaurants; agro-tourism and rural tourism; promotional initiatives.
- specific requirements for restaurants from the network «Flavors of yesterday.”

3 day training

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