About the project

95”The Flavours of yesterday – Valorisation of culinary heritage“

Contract number: РД 50-75/07.05.2014
Measure 421 “Interterritorial and transnational cooperation”
 Axis 4 – Leader under the Rural Development Program 2007 – 2013

The typical rural cuisine is the outcome of a centuries’ long historical process in societies, which have participated actively in the development of human civilization. In the European culture the table has turned into a symbol of hospitality, of welcoming in the family and the food has turned into a language for expression of feeling. This is why it is so important that the rural cuisine is protected and preserved from all attempts for falsifications and imitations, so that its history, culture, quality and organic nature are preserved.

Main objective of the project is, through various collaborative actions, to rediscover the knowledge, traditions and skills, related to food as a valuable element of the historic and cultural heritage of a certain territory. The research would be a starting point, directed towards a new philosophy for local development, which creates advantages of the cuisine – culture unity, and which would serve as grounds for the organizing of events for brining the local population members closer and intensifying the sense of belonging to the LAG territory, as well as for supporting the economic sector by development of networks and actions for territorial promotion.

Specific objectives:

  • Implementation of common activities (joint researches, trainings, building capacity, sharing experiences, exchange of know-how) connected with: restoration of the knowledge and understanding of eating as a gesture, which presents the culture of the rural society, which its traditions belong to.
  • Supporting the establishment of a unique local and regional identity, supporting the parallel establishment of a European identity within a large share of the local population, directly (as participants in the activities) or indirectly (as consumer, users), participating in this transnational project, based on many years of EU experience.
  • Connecting of operators, providing high quality services, thus allowing the networking and integration of related production enterprises and discovering new markets for trade with typical products; promotion of the restaurant traditions, which represent expressions of the sociality, religion and culture of the territory; creation of moments for public involvement and sense of belonging, related to the local food; promotion of the territory; development of networks.

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