Expected results

The project team expects to achieve the following results:

  • Research and analysis of the cultural aspects of local cuisine, including: publication of the results of the analysis, including an old traditional recipes part – national publications in the languages of each partner (printed form), as well as collection in English, supported by a comparative analysis (at least in electronic form).
  • Inventory of typical and traditional products and factories for production of such products, including publication of the inventory – publications of the national languages of the partners (in printed form); a joint collection of the total inventory for the partner regions in English, supported by a comparative analysis (at least in electronic form).
  • Developed international producer and restaurateur networks “Flavours of yesterday” – local networks and an international network, supported by a common quality regulation (code).
  • Conducted trainings for the members of the network.
  • 2 festivals of rural cuisine – one for each LAG territory.
  • Developed publication and film on each of the two festivals of rural cuisine.
  • Developed project web-sites and data-bases with recipes, interviews, analyses and research results under the project for each LAG region – each of web-sites will be developed in the respective national language and in English.
  • Conducted project starting conferences.
  • Conducted final conference for presentation of the project results (in Rakovski).
  • Elaborated matrixes for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of project activities.
  • Elaborated internal evaluation of the project, including questionnaires for all participants – team members, interested parties, beneficiaries.
  • Elaborated reports – technical and financial.

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